Small organic forms

Design and combine together small architectural forms. Our purposal for the contest “New main street of Tallinn”.

Create urban space with new and fresh forms. Inspired by nature. Our objects rather tends to reflect feeling and emotion instead of accurate technical solutions.

Urban Furniture “Rushes” are inspired of growing rushes. Since urban space is naturally artificial environment, then the “Rushes” tend to connect the sea with the city. Nature’s atmosphere will change constantly and is very dynamic. Street lights that will swing along with the wind will create a special atmosphere in the nighttime cityscape. The main street will become as a part of nature and will metaphorically breathe in the same rhythm.

6th semester 2016 spring
Environment design
Supervised by: Mihkel Masso
Group work: Pertti Pleer, Martin Petrov, Gunilla Kõiv
Estonian Academy Of Arts, Eestonia