Hello! I’m Pertti Pleer


I am an industrial designer with long-term practical experience in creating and manufacturing custom furniture. I have 10 years of experience in the world of design and almost 15 years of experience in furniture production. Before that, however, I worked for many years in the IT sector as a software developer and coordinator of the IT department, gaining a strong technical, analytical and structured background.

I have applied my knowledge and skills both in the wood and metal workshop. Created and produced a variety of elegant and functionally designed furniture items, interior elements, constructions and artistic objects. I have devoted the last three years to researching materials and processing possibilities. Thus helping to realize the visions and ideas of other designers.

Now, however, I am looking for new challenges where I can combine my academic knowledge and practical experience gained from work into one comprehensive output. Cause designers have the power to positively affect countless lives by solving everyday problems with elegant and functional design in many different areas of industries. It’s hard to even call it work, because I get to do what I love the most. I believe if there is a problem, then there’s also always a solution.

Want to Work with Me?

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I believe if there is a problem then there’s also always a solution.
So let’s find it out!