A2 Plastic.
Lean back and relax

From a common white plastic chair Vela stapelstol for outdoor use to a new chair. Transformation has to fit into the concept of Modern Furniture Classics and has to have the same values as choosen example.

Our inspiration was Grythyttan A2 Chair. New chair has to represent following charateristics: Heritage – connected to good memories of spartan and rustic country life. Authenticity – choosing the right materials and taking advantage of their best qualities. Dynamic – Mother rocking the baby is one of the first comforts in life

Inspired by Grythyttan A2 chair we tried to transfer all the values that original chair has to our final result. Because the chair has bended steelsheet legs, it is possible to use it as a rocking chair. Frame and seating area can be separated and plastic part is easily replaceable.

5th semester 2015 autumn
Visual communication IV
Supervised by: Anna Petersson / Stefano Santilli
Group work: Pertti Pleer, Harald Sundberg
Lund University, Sweden

A2 Plastic